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08/04/08 11:15 AM #1    

Catherine Smulski (Carter)

Hi Sally -

I'd be interested in a get-together away from CT. It could be a lot of fun ....

08/04/08 05:55 PM #2    

Patricia Ann Dezi (Altadonna)

I also am very interested in a get away reunion. Once we have more info on it (price, destination etc.) I will be happy to send it out in the monthly emails. Then we can get an idea about how many may be interested. We can try and plan it for 2010 or 2011, that will give anyone who hopes to go time to save and plan for it.

08/06/08 10:17 AM #3    

Rosann Faiola (Reeder)

I'm always up for traveling. Someone else decide and I'll come.

08/07/08 09:10 AM #4    

Susan Willett (Piascik)

I would be in favor of a vacation reunion but not into back packing or hiking...(too much work for me)....Sue

08/13/08 03:37 PM #5    

Anthony J. Whiting

Las Vegas ? 2013 ? We could get one of the many halls the resorts have. There is a variety of things to do. We could all gather for a night of food ,drink,dancing ( if were not to old )and reminising. That is if our minds can still remember that far back. We can break off into little groups, or go do your own thing. We can go as a large group to see a show. There is a lot to do in Vegas. You can get package deals to fly out say for 3-5 days. What do you think ? Worth looking into ? That is if we get past 2012 ! Vegas may not be Vegas ! But terer still is hope ! Hello to all who read this > Yes , I am still a little crazy and I still have that I don't give a shit attitude ! Toned down, but still there ! Peace ! Keep smiling !!!! Tony

07/06/09 11:15 PM #6    

Sharon J. Shimansky (Kraft)

All of the suggestions sound great and we are sure to have the time of our lives. But,and there's always a but. How many classmates will miss the 45th reunion because of this decision? Like someone said, times aren't so great out there.

02/10/10 07:45 PM #7    

Phillip D. Bruzas Sr.

Fellow Classmates:
I have a 43 year old question that needs to be answered.
Do you know if any members of the PHS football team of 1967 were named to the 1967 All-State football team?
Thank you for any help you can provide.
Phillip D.Bruzas Sr

02/23/10 10:42 AM #8    

Anthony J. Whiting

Phill not sure but i think Art Corsaletti was ..Ask his sister.

02/24/10 02:27 PM #9    

Phillip D. Bruzas Sr.

I researched the 1967 team and no one seems to know about our class.
I did research on the PHS football seasos of 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967. The combined record was 34 wins 4 (four) losses and one tie with NBHS in 1964.
Great teams.
In 1968 the wheels came off the cart.
Thanks for your help.
Phil Bruzas Sr

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